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Studio Pas de Chat

Studio Pas de Chat provides instruction in Vaganova based classical ballet technique for recreational and vocational students ages 10 - Adult. Classes offered include ballet technique, pointe, variations, flexibility, and dance conditioning. We are also available for competition and performance coaching. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced dancer, or you're looking to get back into ballet after a long break, we have a class for you. We love adults who are new to ballet, pre-professional teens, and retired primas alike! Come dance with us and see where great training and a positive coaching atmosphere can take you.

Student testimonials


Shyanne Crismore

I began my training with Lyla Medeiros in 2011. Prior to training with Lyla, I never had heard of Vaganova ballet technique, and my knowledge of ballet was limited. I had loved ballet since I was 3 years old, and I always dreamt of dancing professionally, but never believed it was possible until I met Lyla. She took me in, trained me in Vaganova, and nurtured my passion for ballet. I took private ballet technique, pointe, variations, and conditioning classes with Lyla and she coached me for YAGP competitions. In my private lessons, Lyla began with the basics of the Vaganova ballet technique, and worked me up to become an advanced ballet dancer. She focused on every detail in the technique, literally from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, and that is how I became the capable dancer I am today. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism changed me as a person and as a dancer. Lyla taught me to push through the hard times, never give up, and that anything was possible. Lyla was not only my ballet coach and teacher, but my mentor and an inspiration.

Katherine Marshall

Lyla Medeiros has been my mentor and teacher in classical ballet since 2010. In that time, she has taught me invaluable lessons in both ballet and life. I am fortunate to be her student. Much of my success as a dancer, figure skater, choreographer, studio owner, and teacher are due to her unwavering devotion to sharing her craft. Lyla is a thoughtful and exemplary teacher, whose passion for the arts and sciences produce extraordinary classes. No matter the reason for studying with her, I have every confidence that her students will experience the sheer joy of classical ballet and receive unparalleled training. Lyla, I’m so grateful to call you my teacher and my friend. Cheers!


Samantha Rogers

Training with Lyla has been instrumental to my successes within my dance career and my future goals of dancing professionally. She imparts discipline as well as an appreciation and love for the art form. Lyla builds a strong foundational basis and guides students to strive for their very best. She continually challenges me in each class and inspires me to work even harder. The time and energy she has invested in me has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams. Lyla is truly a remarkable teacher!

Taylor Gray

Lyla has filled in the holes in my ballet foundation, stabilized it, and then helped me built a stronger house on top of it! Her attention to detail and the imagery she uses to convey her feedback has really elevated the ways I think about ballet. I feel so much stronger and more confident in my dancing thanks to the classes and private lessons I have received from Lyla. To top it off, she has been incredibly adaptable in her teaching, going from in studio to online classes in the face of the Covid pandemic. She has helped all of her students adjust- helping us figure out how to work with the spaces we have, making sure we clearly understand each move and phrase through various teaching approaches, tailoring feedback around our long term individual growth, and keeping up the joy of dancing. I highly recommend any dancer of any age and level to take classes from her. Thank you Lyla!

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