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Studio Pas de Chat strives to teach ballet at the highest level with the aim of helping each of our dancers grow their physical capabilities and intellectual understanding of technique and artistry over time. We welcome both recreational and vocational students ages 10 and up. Studio Pas de Chat is proud to be an adult friendly studio.​We offer classes over Zoom and in person throughout the Seattle metro area. 


Our Classes

Private lessons

Private lessons are perfect for those who want individualized focused attention. Lessons are tailored to each student and focused around helping them achieve their goals. Private lessons are available in ballet technique, pointe, variations, competition coaching, flexibility and athletic conditioning. Ages 10+

Ballet technique

Studio Pas de Chat teaches Vaganova based ballet technique. Challenge your mind and body, gain strength, improve flexibility, master coordination, and learn to embody music with movement. The focus of technique class is on knowledge transfer from teacher to student.Ages 12+

Pointe & Variations

Students must have completed 1-2 years of ballet training and be able to demonstrate sufficient strength, balance, and coordination to take either pointe or classical variations classes. Pointe classes focus on teaching pointe technique at the barre and center. Classical variations focus is on learning the technique and style of variations of the major ballets like Swan Lake, Paquita, and more. Variations class may be taken on or off pointe.Ages 12+

Post-professional ballet

Post-professional ballet class is for those who already have a strong understanding of ballet technique. The Post-Pro class emphasis is on providing attendees with a class they can dance through within their own physical abilities, rather than focusing on specific instruction in classical technique. The class pace is slow, combinations are gentle, but engaging; perfect for dancers who have a high level of knowledge, want to choose a class that meets their current physical needs, and don't want corrections. Dancers who are looking to return to ballet after retiring, or just a long break, and those who are coming back from injury are encouraged to attend. No technique corrections will be given in this class. Ages 16+Please contact the studio about future start dates.

Foot & Ankle Strength / Pre-Pointe

These classes are designed to strengthen the muscles in your feet, ankles, legs, and core.Ages 10+Pre-Pointe incorporates ballet elements into class and is specifically designed for ballet dancers working to go "en pointe."​Foot & Ankle Strength is suitable for dancers of all dance genres. Dancers who are already doing pointe work will find this class useful for strength maintenance. 

Stretch and Recover 

This class is designed to help dancers' bodies and minds recover, relax, and recharge. Perfect for dancers who prefer a guided class. Class focus changes week to week and includes gentle stretching and relaxation techniques.This class does NOT meet the needs of those wishing to work on extreme flexibility. Ages 12+

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